Integrating Print, Scan and Cloud Storage for SMBs

What is Canon Cloud Connector Software?

The new Canon Cloud Connector is a transformative solution designed to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and save time for small to medium-sized businesses. This optional licence add-on is integrated with your multifunction device, allowing you to quickly print from and scan to your preferred cloud destination.

The Benefits of Cloud Connector Software for SMBs

Boosting Productivity

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity? The Cloud Connector extends device capabilities, enabling users to print files from email or cloud destinations easily and digitise scanned documents. It's supported on all imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX Series devices, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Enhancing Efficiency

Ever wondered how to improve efficiencies in your office? With the Canon Cloud Connector Software, you can share and save data to cloud-based destinations instead of emailing, making document management more streamlined.

Time-saving and Convenient

Do you value time and convenience? With the Canon Cloud Connector, you can print documents stored in the cloud directly from the multifunction device. This eliminates the need to move files around, saving you precious time.

Key Features of Canon's Cloud Connector Software

Ease of Use

Are you worried about complex registration and setup processes? The Canon Cloud Connector has a simple user registration process and is easy to use. Furthermore, it requires no IT administration, making it a hassle-free business solution.

Cloud Printing

Print without needing a PC or print driver. Cloud Connector Software allows you to print directly from the cloud. This means that you can access and print your files from anywhere, anytime.

Scan to Cloud and Digitise Documents

The Cloud Connector Software lets you scan documents to your most common cloud-based destinations. This feature makes managing and accessing your scanned documents effortless and convenient.


How can the Canon Cloud Connector Software enhance your office printing?

Integrating printing and scanning with cloud storage takes multifunction devices to the next level. You can now seamlessly store, access, print, and scan documents, making office operations more efficient and flexible.