Celebrating our Elders: Naidoc Week 2023

Passing down wisdom

 At Colourworks, we believe in the power of personal connections and the stories that shape our lives. One of our employees has graciously shared a cherished tale passed down to her by an elder during her childhood.

Belmont Lagoon: A Tale of Wisdom and Appreciation
Belmont Lagoon, a sacred Dreaming site for the Awabakal People, holds a profound narrative that has mesmerised generations. Our employee, touched by its significance, was entrusted with this tale by an Elder who wished to preserve it for future generations.


The story revolves around the Moon, a spirit with an incomplete face, and the Sun, a radiant female spirit. Feeling unappreciated and lonely, the Moon embarks on a journey into the sky, weeping as he ascends. His tears, falling back to Earth, transform into the breathtaking Belmont Lagoon—a sanctuary that nourishes and brings people together.


After reflecting upon his departure, the Moon realises his mistake in doubting his people's love and appreciation. Overwhelmed by their joyous celebration upon his return, the Moon shines brightly with a full face for the first time, igniting even greater merriment among his people.

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The story of Belmont Lagoon, is not merely a tale of celestial beings. It's a deeply significant narrative shared by an Elder, whose wisdom and guidance have been the backbone of her community. Elders, revered in Indigenous communities, are the repositories of knowledge and tradition. Their stories, like the tale of the Belmont Lagoon, form the moral and social compass guiding the younger generations. These narratives help to maintain a link with the past while giving the community a sense of belonging and identity.

Naidoc Week 2023: "Our Elders" 

During NAIDOC Week 2023, as we embrace the theme of "Our Elders", we are not only acknowledging their wisdom but paying homage to the cultural wealth they have fostered. Their narratives, such as the tale of Belmont Lagoon, serve as enduring reminders of our shared history and humanity.

With the utmost respect, we cherish these stories. They connect us, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry that reflects the diversity and resilience of our society. We are grateful to our employee for sharing this story, allowing us to honour not only the wisdom of the Awabakal People but also the valuable contributions of Elders across all Indigenous communities.

May we continue to learn from these treasured narratives, let us pay our respects and honour the wisdom of our Elders, fostering a more inclusive and enlightened future.


Acknowledgement of Country

Colourworks has the privilege to live and work from Dyarubbin (Hawkesbury River), along the lands of the Darkinjung, Awabakal, Wonnarua, Worimi, Gaewagul, Biripi, Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung people, to Wahlmoorum (McPherson Ranges). We acknowledge that Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of these lands and we celebrate the stories, culture and traditions that continue the connection to these lands today. 

We pay our respects to the Elders of these communities, both past and present, and extend this respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the communities we work and live each day.