Finalists in Local Port Macquarie Business Awards

Colourworks nominated as Finalists in Local Port Macquarie Business Awards


Colourworks has been nominated as a finalist in three local Port Macquarie Business Awards categories. 

The categories we are finalists for include;

  1. Employer of Choice 20+ Employees
  2. Outstanding Employee, 
  3. Professional Business Services 6+ Employees.

The nomination for Employer of Choice 20+ Employees recognises our commitment to creating a positive work environment and providing employees with the necessary resources and support to succeed. This nomination is a testament to Colourworks management team's dedication to fostering a workplace culture that promotes excellence and innovation.


In addition, Colourworks is proud to announce that one of its employees, Claire Mathews, has been nominated for the Outstanding Employee Award. This recognition is a testament to Claire's hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance in delivering exceptional service to clients.

Lastly, Colourworks has been nominated for the Professional Business Services 6+ Employees category, recognising its excellence in providing excellent professional business services to its clients. The Colourworks team is committed to delivering high-quality services that help businesses thrive and succeed.

We are thrilled to be recognised by the local Port Macquarie business community for our hard work and dedication and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional services to our clients. The winners of the Port Macquarie Business Awards will be announced in the coming weeks, and the team at Colourworks is excited to see the outcome of the awards ceremony.

We wish all the finalists the best of luck!