uniFLOW Online is Optimising Zero Trust

uniFLOW online 2023.1 update

Zero Trust architecture is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for IT administrators to ensure the highest levels of information security. With its 2023.1 version, uniFLOW Online provides users with a wide range of options to securely print from their mobile devices.


Zero Trust networks are based on three key pillars which allow organisations to secure their data without compromising user experience or productivity. These pillars include verifying explicitly, least-privileged access, and assuming breach.

Let's look at each one in more detail:

  1. Verifying explicitly: This means that organisations must authenticate all users connecting to their networks and require them to provide proof of identity before granting access. This can be done through multifactor authentication methods such as password verification, biometric identification, or two-factor authentication tokens sent via text message or email.
  2. Least-privileged access: Organizations should limit users’ access rights only to what they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. This way, if a malicious actor does gain access to the system, they will not be able to cause too much damage as they won't have unrestricted permissions on the system.
  3. Assume breach: Organisations should assume that at some point their network will be breached by a malicious actor and plan accordingly by developing strategies such as network segmentation or encrypting sensitive data so it cannot be accessed even if it falls into the wrong hands.  

How Does UniFlow Online Facilitate These Standards? 

UniFlow Online is designed specifically with these three pillars in mind. Its 2023.1 version features an upgraded printing solution which allows users to securely print from cloud services directly onto their devices without requiring uniFLOW SmartClients, hub or edge devices in the network acting as bridges between them and the printer device itself. Businesses with mission-critical documents can now securely print from mobile devices without downloading any additional software - delivering a high level of security while still ensuring an efficient user experience. 

The importance of information security has never been greater than it is today.

With its 2023.1 version, uniFlow Online provides users with a wide range of options for secure printing from mobile devices – allowing IT administrators peace of mind knowing that their data is being protected at all times without compromising user productivity or experience in any way shape or form!

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